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January 2024 SALE




For 100 organic, kosher/vegan, hand encapsulated capsules

This handcrafted micro-batch of herbs are phenomenal for those with pancreatic disfunction, are diabetic or even just borderline diabetic, these capsules may just be your saving grace!  The 4 herbs we use to make this product works incredibly well at helping to lower blood sugars naturally.  Some of the organic herbs we use in it are also helpful for those with fatty liver disease as well as helping heal ulcers in the digestive tract and help prevent plaque from forming in the mouth of all things!  Most people take somewhere between 1-3 capsules at lunch and dinner. If you wake with high blood sugar, you would also take between 1-3 capsules in the AM as well.




1/2 # bag full

With a blend of 5 different organic herbs, this protein powder lives up to it's name!  It truly is superior!  Loaded with Flax Seed Powder which is has fiber that helps with insulin sensitivity, it has Neem, which helps lower blood sugar and heals digestive ulcers, Spirulina to help fuel the body with much needed Superfoods like Iron and other chelating factors, Maca Root which helps increase energy levels (it's also a powerful anti-inflammatory) and lastly, Hemp Protein and Cacao powder are added as it has a zero glycemic index but it's also loaded with vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium and more!




This 1oz. dropper bottle is approximately a 1 month supply

There's evidence that suggests that Gymnema Sylvestre (the main herb in this tincture) can suppress the taste of sugar, making it less attractive and desirable over a short period of time.  It also has shown to block sugar AND fat absorption into the body, which is helpful when dealing with obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases!!




This jar is a 62 day supply when taken as suggested

Not only can this tasteless/odorless powder help with bone and joint pain, but it reduces inflammation in the body, inhibits the breakdown of Cartlidge, increase the levels of glutathione in the body, can reduce allergy symptom almost immediately and more but the most impressive is how it can help those suffering from metabolic dysfunction including hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, and inflammation. Thus, MSM could be the therapeutic option for the treatment of obesity-related metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes and fatty liver diseases.   Just add per the label, to any food or drink you'd like daily.  It's recommended to take MSM Powder for 6 months and then take a month off and then restart for another 6 months and repeat.


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