Economic News

Oct 21, 2020
World leaders are preparing for a second and third wave of covid-19 cases and are fine-tuning their lock down strategies which will be implemented late in 2020 and into 2021. Their planning involves the development of a new world economy, one that introdu…
Sep 27, 2020
Yelp on Wednesday released its latest Economic Impact Report, revealing business closures across the U.S. are increasing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic’s economic toll.
Sep 22, 2020
The Congressional Budget Office released an updated budget outlook on Wednesday, originally published in July, to reflect the impact the pandemic has had on the economy. In the report, the agency said the budget deficit will reach a record $3.3 trillion t…
Sep 7, 2020
YouTube personality ‘Ice Age Farmer’ points to signs that food shortages are coming as California has ordered meat processing plants to shut down over an ‘outbreak’ of COVID-19 ‘cases’ of workers testing positive. In Michigan, when Governor Wh…
Sep 7, 2020
China is likely to reduce its holdings of US Treasury bonds to just under $800 billion from the current level of more than $1 trillion, according to local news outlet Global Times. A major reason for the reduced exposure is the record amounts of US dollar…
Aug 17, 2020
Precious metals expert and financial writer David Morgan points out that inflation is much more extreme than most people realize. Morgan explains, “If you look at the metrics that we used in 1980 where food and energy, the two things humans need most t…
Aug 7, 2020
You may have noticed that food prices have started to go up very aggressively. I repeatedly warned my readers that this is precisely what would happen, and more price increases are on the way. Fear of COVID-19 has sparked a tremendous amount of extra de…
Aug 6, 2020
If you have a job & your company is still operating, be very grateful.... WHY?
Aug 6, 2020
There is well-known strategy used in cycling to win races. Cyclists ride in a peloton formation to conserve energy by drafting behind lead riders.
Aug 6, 2020
The cryptocurrency economy has spiked significantly on July 26 into the overnight trading sessions capturing over $300 billion in value. Bitcoin is trading above the $10,360 zone while ethereum is swapping for $321 per coin. Meanwhile, the precious metals…
Aug 6, 2020
If some Congress members get their way, the Federal Reserve may soon be able to track many of your purchases in real time and share that information with government agencies. This is just one of the problems with the proposed digital dollar or fedcoin.
Aug 6, 2020
Josh Sigurdson talks with Max Porterfield, CEO of Callinex Mines Inc. about the skyrocketing price of silver and gold as economies and stock markets throughout the world shutter.
Aug 5, 2020
Firearms stocks moved higher on Monday after gun background checks rose 79% in July year-over-year amid violent protests which have gripped major cities across the United States. That said, the number of checks was lower than all-time records set in March…
Jul 29, 2020
For years, some of the brightest minds in the precious metals industry warned that the price of gold and the price of silver would both rise dramatically once the global economy inevitably collapsed, and it turns out that they were right on target. What …
Jun 2, 2020
Americans are hungry and food prices are soaring, but this is most certainly not because of a shortage of available meat and produce.
May 19, 2020
American Cattle Rancher Shad Sullivan has a virtual sit down with Patrick Bet-David to talk about the future of cattle and meat industry.
May 15, 2020
American under attack Save the farmers sign the petition share far and wide. We stand together or we will hang separately.