Superior Mountain Herbs

Summer Drey, Dr. Ron Green's assistant for many years, is now taking up the reins of Dr. Ron's very important line of products now that Dr. Ron has retired.


Superior Mountain Herbs 

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1)    AMERICAN INDIAN TEA (Loose Herb)- Quart sized bag filled
BENEFITS: Boosts neutrophils and strengthens the organs in the body, detoxifies the body, mild blood thinner. The Cree used it to stop bleeding and as a powerful emetic, helps with Crohns & Rheumatoid arthritis.  The Blackfeet used it to relieve headaches. Anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immuno-modulating, anti-pathogenic, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic. 
PRICE: $110

2)    TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOM CAPSULES:  Comes with 100 VEGAN capsules, filled with pure, ORGANIC Turkey Tail Mushroom powder, dried at a low heat to retain the medicinal benefits. 
BENEFITS: Improves the capacity of the natural killer cells, which safeguard the body against bacteria & viruses, increases energy, strengthens the spleen, stomach & lungs & assists with recovery from long-term illnesses. Beneficial to individuals afflicted with leaky gut, IBS, Crohn's, autism & viral infections such as influenza and COVID-19.

3)    GINGER ROOT CAPSULES:   This bottle comes with 100 VEGAN capsules, filled with pure, ORGANIC GINGER ROOT powder, dried at a low heat to retain the medicinal benefits.
BENEFITS:  Prevents thickening of the blood, decreasing the risk of heart attacks & other circulatory issues, relieves inflammation & helps calm chest infections & can relieve arthritis & rheumatoid arthritis. It is a helpful remedy for people with Th2 dominance. (Th2 is responsible for allergic reactions & responsible for the development of asthma symptoms).  Has a profound effect on Leukemia, Prostrate Cancer, Colo-rectal Cancer and Ovarian Cancer.

4)     LADIES HORMONE HELPER:  1 oz. jar.  Highly effective, all natural & made from wild yam.  
BENEFITS: Combats build-up & redistribution of fat, helps you feel happier & acts as a natural antidepressant, boosts energy, soothes moods & helps maintain a better night’s sleep.  Lightens periods by counteracting estrogen’s stimulating effects and helps clear skin & nourishes hair & reduces male hormones & acts as a natural “water pill”, helps relieve migraines & helps with PMS. 

5)    DEAD SEA MAGNESIUM OIL: 16 oz. glass spray bottle that is to be used topically.  
BENEFITS: 1 of only 7 macronutrients & is a mineral that our bodies don’t make themselves. Encourages muscle relaxation, reduces inflammation & speeds up the healing. Rinse with it, it can strengthen teeth & lowers risk of infection. Absorbing magnesium will keep certain hormones balanced & relaxes your body & get a deep sleep &helps regulate blood sugar levels.
PRICE: $40

6)    CBD OIL: Liquid Dropper Bottle ($100) or Capsules ($110) available. 
BENEFITS: It helps block pain in the brain naturally, reduces migraines, stress and improves sleeplessness.  Helps with major inflammation & lowers LDL levels & blood sugar naturally. 
PRICE: $100-110

7)    BOWEL DELIGHT: Comes with 100 VEGAN capsules, filled with pure, ORGANIC powder, dried at     a low heat to retain the medicinal benefits. 
BENEFITS:  Nourishes the liver, kidneys & bowels.  Helps relieve constipation and clears the gut.

8)    MOUNTAIN ASTRAGALUS:  Comes with 100 VEGAN capsules, filled with pure, ORGANIC powder, dried at a low heat to retain the medicinal benefits.
BENEFITS:  Regulates diabetes, alleviates chemo symptoms, antioxidant, cancer fighter, prevents plaque from building up within the cardiovascular system, immune booster, speeds up wound healing, helps to prevent DNA damage, has a suppressive effect on herpes simplex virus, relieves stress, increases the production of Th1 and T-bet inflammatory cytokines, assists medication in preventing seizures from occurring, prevent deterioration of brain cells (dementia) and so much more.  
PRICE:  $16

9)    SPIRULINA: Comes with 100 VEGAN capsules, filled with pure, ORGANIC powder, dried at a low heat to retain the medicinal benefits.
BENEFITS: Superfood, reduces sinus inflammation, chelator, antioxidant, can lower bad LDL levels & blood pressure and will increase iron to help against Anemia.
PRICE: $22

10)    KELP:  Comes with 100 VEGAN capsules, filled with pure, ORGANIC powder, dried at a low heat to retain the medicinal benefits.
BENEFITS:  Powerful cancer-fighting capabilities, particularly against breast and colon cancer & can aid people with diabetes and act as a powerful anti-inflammatory.
PRICE: $17

11)    MOUNTAIN MENDER GEL (Bacteria Buster and Herbal Mender replacement all in one!): 4 oz jar. 
BENEFITS: This Gel has been specially made for us and it aids and promotes natural healing for your skin.  Helps with MRSA, Eczema, Psoriasis, Razor Burn, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Poison Oak & Ivy, Dry skin, Sunburn, Rashes, Itching, Scrapes, Sunburn, Acne & more. Safe for pets as well!
PRICE: $30

12)    TUMERIC ROOT: 100 caps. 
BENEFITS: Anti-inflammatory, boosts energy, joint support, improves brain function.
PRICE: $17

13)    SUPERIOR MOUNTAIN TINCTURE (Indian Tea in a tincture form): 2 oz. glass/amber dropper.
BENEFITS: This tincture has very high phenolics concentration and powerful antioxidant properties. High in germanium, it has anti-cancer, anti-mutagenic & oxygen catalyst, it enhances oxygen supply to the body’s cell’s providing increased energy production & they carry medicinal polysaccharides & anti-tumoral constituents that can literally tag & help remove malignant & necrotic tissue from our body.  It also regulates blood sugar, improves immune system function, helpful for rheumatoid arthritis, improves digestive function, absorption & elimination, improves hepatic function, reduces systemic inflammation, reduces menstrual cramping & pain, reduces digestive inflammation/ulcers, increases neutrophil count, systemic tonic, reduces headaches, anti-tumoral, stops bleeding for topical wounds, traditional for fevers and chills
PRICE: $75

14)    CAYENNE PEPPER: 100 caps.
BENEFITS: Helps prevent heart attacks, help digestion and stifles hunger, lowers blood pressure, can be helpful in treating malignant growths of the lung, bosom, colon, and prostate, sheds water weight & in powder form can be placed in the tooth to relieve the pain.

15)    HAWTHORN BERRY: 100 caps. 
BENEFITS: Helps with heart failure, chest pain or high blood pressure, improves blood flow to the coronary artery & strengthens contractions of the heart muscle, can decrease congestive heart failure symptoms, such as chest pressure and heart palpitations & it improves circulation to your extremities & reduces high blood pressure.

16)    ONION POWDER: 100 caps. 
BENEFITS:  rich in manganese (an element which is necessary to keep the bone tissues healthy), helps in improving the metabolism & contains nutrients which help in blood coagulation. Lack of manganese leads to diabetes, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

BENEFITS: Contain Beta-Sitosterol which helps against benign prostate hyperplasia &                                                                                                                           this herb also contains taxanes which interfere with cancer cell replication.
               PRICE: $22

18)    AMERICAN INDIAN SALVE: 2 oz. jar
 BENEFITS: Used for many skin issues including skin cancer and tumors close to the                           surface of the skin.  It contains the same botanical as the American Indian Booster
               PRICE: $35

19)    PARSLEY: 100 caps. (DO NOT TAKE IF ON WARFIN)
 BENEFITS:  Bladder infections, bruises, kidney stones, liver disorders, edema, menstrual    problems and helps fight tumors. 

 BENEFITS: Wound healing, scar formation/diminishing, broken bones, sprains/strains,    bites, stings, rashes, burns, ulcers, eye strain, respiratory conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, urinary health & more.
               PRICE: $20 (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST)

21)    CATS CLAW: 100 caps. 
 BENEFITS: Helps against degenerative bone disease, repairs DNA, reduces hypertension, fights herpes, lymes disease, AIDS, cancer, ovarian cysts, gout, viral infections such as influenza & COVID-19 & reduces anxiety, asthma & more. 
               PRICE: $18 (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST)

22)    NOPAL CACTUS POWDER: 100 caps.
BENEFITS: It improves your metabolic rates and fights against inflammation and dehydration. regulates cholesterol & glucose blood levels & helps with weight loss, enhances digestions, produces more serotonin in your brain, giving you a better and longer night sleep, contains high levels of polyphenols, which have a proven anticancer function against all types of tumors. 
PRICE: $20

23)    PAU D’ARCO: 100 caps.
BENEFITS:  From the Amazon rainforest, touted for its ability to boost red blood                                             cell production and improve oxygen flow and helps with pain, arthritis, inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis), fever, dysentery, boils and ulcers, as well as various cancers. 

BENEFITS: Feeds the adrenal glands & is a decongestant.  Good for asthma, allergies, psoriasis, eczema, stress or chronic illness.  When adrenals fail, your body fails to heal. 
               PRICE: $20

25)    SUPERIOR SHIELD OIL:  4oz amber, glass spray bottle
 BENEFITS: Protect the body from invasive illnesses such as pneumonia, influenza, colds, chemtrail chemicals and more. Great for repelling fleas, TICKS and mosquitos too!
               PRICE: $49

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