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June 6, 2024


Doug McMillon, CEO

Wal-Mart Headquarters

702 SW 8th St.

Bentonville, AR 72716


Mr. McMillon,


Right at the beginning of this letter, Sir, I feel it is right and necessary to let you know that you will probably not like or appreciate what I am about to convey to you personally and to the company you are head of.  A company that was built on the idea of helping and supporting the families in our nation in the beginning!  But now, as with most other huge corporations that were made unbelievably successful and prosperous with the support of America’s families, you have not only forgotten this fact, but you have now turned your back on those families.  You are now actively working to destroy the “natural” family in America!


Mr. McMillon, we are holding you, as the head of Wal-Mart, “personally” responsible and accountable for what “your” company is doing to harm American families and destroy our children’s futures!  To “pervert” their minds and warp their thinking to the extent of making a sick, perverted abomination against God and mankind, as well as a sin against creation itself, seem the correct way to believe and live!


For you to support such obvious and evil, makes you completely guilty of every innocent individual, and especially children, whose innocence you have played a part in destroying!  Shame on you!  I would strongly urge and recommend that you read, and pay heed, to Christ’s warning to you and others in Matthew 18:6!


As a small sample of the poison you are spreading through our nation, here are some quotes from shirts and other items you have made available to fellow perverts and displayed openly to children America.


“I’m so gay, I can’t even think straight”

“I prefer cooking, but sometimes “eating out” with all my girls is fun”

“Dudes just taste better”

“Lez is more”

“I love my two moms”

“I love my dads”


I think that’s enough to prove the point.


In closing Mr. McMillon, I have to make an honest statement.  I’m ashamed to admit and say this, but I must.  I fully realize that this letter will almost certainly not persuade you into seeing the truth in what I have written to you.  And even sadder and far more evil, is the fact that there will be millions of people who “call” themselves Christians who will not stand with me on The Word of God and still patronize your centers of perversion!  I Timothy 6:10 certainly applies in both cases!


Payday is coming Mr. McMillon!  Take heed!


In Christ’s service,



Pastor Butch Paugh

Call to Decision Ministries