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New Zealand in Tyranny: How could this happen

Freedom-loving and free-thinking New Zealanders are dismayed by the results of the country’s recent general election. The southern hemisphere country has just re-elected a socialist Government with an increased vote, giving it a “mandate” to further take away freedom during a crisis of Covid-19 madness.


Why would a country re-elect a nanny

state Government promising more socialist tyranny? It is almost beyond belief. The result of the US 2020 election stalemate is nervously awaited by New Zealanders. Some see a Biden win as a coup for the Left worldwide and a result that is likely to strengthen the New Zealand socialist agenda. The NZ government and media seem to dislike current US President Donald Trump, his actions, comments, and policies, and are excited about the potential for a Biden win. The American Democrats are apparently excited to embrace a communist-type, totalitarian, socialist government for Americans. They seem to be...READ MORE

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My good friend KC Craichy, CEO of LivingFuel, joined us on @happyhourwithDrT this week. This was one of the most powerful Happy Hours we have ever had. This message is so timely and so necessary right now. Take the time to watch and share this with everyone you know. Click here to watch it NOW.

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