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This Week's Guests (1/17/22)

  • Monday

    • Wayne Elliott will be sitting in for Pastor Butch covering many important topics

  • Tuesday

    • Dr. Cass Ingram will join Pastor Butch with updated health news and much more

  • Wednesday

    • Daniel Brigman will expose the food shortages that are happening now and how to prepare

Last Week's Guests

  • Monday 

    • Ted Broer of the Ted and Austin Broer radio program - Dangers of Freemasonary

  • Tuesday 

    • Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez - Answering all your health questions

  • Wednesday 

    • Deborah Travares - Updates on VERY important events and happenings worldwide

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Covid Vaccine Mandiate Assistance

Many people are being threatened with losing their jobs if they don't submit to the "death" jab they call a vaccination.  For those who are being threatened right now with the loss of their livelihoods, or who anticipate this happening there is a way to protect themselves and stop this medical tyranny.  Liberty Counsel is taking a stand to support and help all who are willing to take a stand.  If they will go to lc.org/vaccines they will find forms they can fill out for a religious exemption with online help on how to fill them out correctly.  All they have to do is print the completed form out and give it to their supervisor.  IF this form is not accepted as valid and is refused they can go to liberty@lc.org to contact Liberty Counsel for legal action.  If they can't go online to get help they can call Liberty Counsel at 407-875-1776.  

A Tribute To A Hero Of God And His Helpmate

Gov. Jim Justice Of WV
Spills The Beans On The Vax!!


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Superior Mountain Herbs by Summer Drey

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We are excited to announce that you can NOW SHOP ONLINE!!!

Visit us at:


406-274-7579 (call or text)

American Indian Tea Tincture (Double Extraction) 2oz bottle -NOW ONLY $55!!!!!

The American Indian Tea Tincture is typically recommended for those that travel, are unable to drink the Indian Tea in larger quantities at one time, work on the road or who are interested solely in the product for the maintenance value.  This is only due to the cost.  The American Indian Tea Tincture (double extraction) contains naturally occurring biochemicals called glucanoids and these explain the strong anti-tumor effects of the Tea. Polysaccharides are present that seem to imitate interferon and interleukin. It is also an anti-inflammatory as the natural steroids that it produces, are useful in the treatment of arthritis and painful autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The Tea is also an overall body detox. The dietary fibers that are chitinous substances are present in large quantities. These components have a chelation/absorption effect on any toxic material/metals that is left in the bowels and this helps hasten the removal of these toxins.  It’s been studied through many observations that within a day after taking the Tea, the reaction of the body is to produce massive amounts of neutrophils and lymphocytes and other important white blood cells. The body will produce many times the “normal” number of neutrophils when drinking the Tea. When these WBC are expecting to locate an infection and they are programmed to kill only those that have the markers that they recognize as an enemy. If the neutrophils find no infection, they then set about the business of survival to seek out anything that may be wrong and then their job is to repair it. 

Superior Sea Grass (100 caps)- NOW ONLY $13!!!

Natural Kelp is high in antioxidants, including carotenoids and flavonoids, which help fight against disease-causing free radicals. Kelp consists of antioxidant minerals, such as manganese and zinc, to help combat oxidative stress and may help protect cardiovascular health and prevent cancer according to Healthline. Recent studies have explored the role of sea vegetables in estrogen-related and colon cancers, osteoarthritis, and other conditions. Results suggest that kelp may help slow the spread of colon and breast cancers.

American Indian Salve (larger size now! 2oz. jar)-NOW ONLY $35!!!

Typically used on suspicious looking spots on the skin, the American Indian Salve is handmade with love to help prevent the spread of abnormal cells.  One woman used it on a breast cancer mass (along with the Indian Tea and Boosters) and within two weeks, the mass fell out and into her gauze!